Hebrews 6:19
 We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.

Why did I name this blog Anchoring in Hope?  

My husband and I bought a boat in November of 2012 and began living aboard much of the time.  Living and traveling a on the water as much as we do has allowed me to be more aware of God's presence.

We frequently like to anchor out at night rather than stay at a marina--this is cheaper and often more secluded providing more opportunity to enjoy the natural surroundings.  Setting an anchor requires some skill.  One cannot simply throw the anchor overboard and expect that the anchor will hold and the boat will stay safe.  (I have learned this from experience.)

West Marine  describes anchoring in this  manner:  

Anchors dig into the seabed to hold a boat in position. They serve a safety role by keeping boats out of the surf or off the rocks. They also allow boaters to secure the boat temporarily while fishing, having lunch or spending the night. 

When an anchor penetrates the surface of the seabed, suction generates resistance, created by the bottom material plus the weight of the material above the anchor. As the boat pulls on the anchor rode, the anchor digs in deeper, creating additional resistance. In rocky or coral bottoms, anchors can't dig in, but rather snag on protrusions and hold precariously.
To ensure that an anchor "sets" well, apply tension to the rode so the anchor penetrates the bottom. Do this by making fast the line and applying power in reverse. If your boat moves, reset the anchor and try again. Many boaters make only a half-hearted attempt to set the anchor by putting the boat in reverse for just a few seconds. 

To be sure the anchor is set you must put a reasonable strain on the rode for a reasonable length of time. Your boat should surge forward when you back off the power, indicating that you have put some strain on the rode to test the anchor set. We know of no way to ensure that your anchor will hold other than by pulling on it hard.

Just like the anchor of our boat keeps us safe and protected, hope in Christ is an anchor for one's soul--firm and secure. 

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